IT Services

In addition to our standard services, Fogo knows that every customer is unique. We strive to provide IT service solutions that are customized to fit your needs. We have both direct customers who may or may not have their own IT staff, as well as channel partners who sell our data center services but provide their own IT managed services to their customers.

Our IT Services offerings are designed to provide the best of both worlds, blending together IT personnel from Fogo and from our channel partners, together with your own IT staff, so that your end users have the IT support they need when they need it.

We can handle IT A..Z!

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Front Office MSP

Provides fixed fee support for your front office focused on supporting end users and the applications that they use on a daily basis to allow them to achieve maximum productivity from their technology environment.

Managed Device Support

Managed devices include any essential equipment such as switches, routers, video surveillance systems, etc. that we will manage as part of the contract. (Firewalls are not included in this category as they are accounted for in SecureOffice section.)

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Back Office MSP

Provides back office server support of onsite customer servers and virtual hosts and virtualized servers in the data center, as well as managed support for the network infrastructure.

BackOffice Server Support

Back Office Server Support. Traditional Managed Services where we provide day to day management of physical or virtual servers.

BackOffice Application Support

Provides management of any application (for example: Quickbooks, Exchange, SharePoint) that is currently running in customer environment. If the application fails, we will trouble shoot and try to remediate the issue as part of the Managed Service contract. Each application that we are responsible for must be listed in the contract as a covered solution. We provide ‘Vendor Management’ which means our Technical team will communicate directly with vendors on the customer’s behalf to resolve any issues. Any application not listed in contract will be charged hourly contract rate to resolve issues.

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Secure Office MSP

Provides Secure Firewall Services support for onsite gateway firewall solution or virtualized Firewall Solution at our data center.

Cisco, Checkpoint or Fortinet Firewall

All of our IT services customers (Traditional and Hosted) are required to have a firewall. We will provide a Virtual Firewall for Hosted Managed Services Customers or provide a Physical Firewall for Traditional Managed Service Customers. If Customer has acceptable Firewall in place we will take over management of that firewall to ensure proper functionality and all Firmware and Software updates are done in timely manner.

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Help Desk Support (Phone & Remote Support Included)

All Fogo Support is US based from one of our 2 Network Operating Centers (NOC). We are here Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm East Coast time with after hours, Weekends and US Holidays covered by our on-call team members.