Fogo owns and operates world-class, carrier-neutral colocation facilities. Colocation at a Fogo Data Center can ease the cost of building your own facility and maintaining your own on-site dedicated servers.  If you need to own and operate your hardware but your facilities are not on par to properly house your critical business assets, then colocation is for you.

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Our Carrollton Facility is a gated, bunker-style, stand-alone facility, owned and operated by Fogo. The property features full perimeter fencing with an electric gate requiring keycard access and audio/video check-in. Keycard access is further required to access the facility, supplemented by scaled biometric authentication for the NOC, mantrap, data center floor and retina scan for “meet me room” access, allowing for multiple security checkpoints. Interior and exterior cameras monitor the entire facility. In addition, our design features separate entry for all electrical and mechanical service personnel, precluding access to the data center floor.


Biometric fingerprint scanner


Diesel Generators

Our facility in Carrollton, Georgia features a Honeywell BAS which automates and monitors power supply. The maintenance system monitors availability of utility feed power and in the event of a disruption in utility power coordinates the transfer of the power load to the redundant A & B leg UPS system (which includes both battery and flywheel UPS components); followed by the monitoring of the transfer of the power load to the redundant generators onsite and the ultimate return to utility power upon restoration of acceptable service. System components include the APC power module and dual Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS). In addition to power disruption the UPS systems provide “clean” power in the event of variations in power supply, eliminating surges and providing superior connections for client equipment.


Fogo offers fully front and rear lockable 42U cabinets in quarter, half , and full rack configurations. We also have multi-tenant rack space sold by the U. Our cabinets feature adjustable rails and extra depth for PDU and cabling space. We offer cold aisle containment for our multi-tenant areas as well as private suites for clients who want to customize their environment.