Backup + Recovery


Natural and man-made disasters happen. We offer flexible and scalable solutions to protect your critical data and applications. From offsite backup and colocation sites to full failover replication, we’ve got you covered!

StashPro Local Backup

StashPro Local Backup provides clients with an on premise backup solution that backs up locally to a NAS (Network Attached Storage) Device. This type of set-up does protect your data and allow you to recover from a virus, accidental deletion of files, corrupt database or unstable operating system. It does not protect you from a disaster such as a fire, flood, tornado, hurricane or earthquake. Since your backup solution is in the same location as your production environment, your protection is limited to a single physical location.

StashPro Cloud Backup

StashPro Cloud Backup provides clients with an offsite backup solution that is backed up to one of Fogo Data Centers secure facilities over the internet. This type of set-up is an agent based backup that is encrypted in transit so that your data is safe. Typically a single agent is installed on a server in your environment and it is configured to connect to all of your local servers and adds them as a part of a backup job. This agent also connects to our Fogo cloud based backup portal where it performs a first full backup followed by incremental backups after that. The retention policy can be adjusted based on your needs.

StashPro Hybrid Backup

StashPro Hybrid Backup provides clients with both a local and cloud based backup solution. This solution leverages the speed and agility of a local backup recovery with the security and peace of mind of an offsite backup. This also provides clients with the option to recover their data into a cloud based solution in the event of a natural disaster providing a true disaster recovery scenario.

StashPro Geo Cloud Backup

StashPro Geo Cloud Backup provides clients whose data currently resides in one of our data centers with an inter-data center backup on dissimilar hardware plus a replicated backup to one of Fogo’s other facilities. In this scenario your data is not only protected from a single hardware failure, it is also protected from a natural disaster that could affect one of our hardened facilities.